Building Restoration

Building Restoration 1

Masonry Restoration • Concrete Restoration

CCI cleans and restores all types of buildings – churches, historical sites, institutions and architecturally enhanced structures. Along with masonry and concrete restoration, CCI can restore beauty to structures that contain limestone, marble, granite and other assorted stone. All cleaning and restoration procedures are custom designed to meet local environmental codes.

Surface Blasting

Surface Blasting 1Surface Blasting 2
Consolidated Coatings Inc. provides all types of surface blasting including high-pressure hydroblast, wet and dry abrasive blast, environmentally controlled vacublast and horizontal shotblasting.

Building Cleaning & Sealing

Building Cleaning and Sealing

We offer a vast range of cleaning services, designed to solve any of your cleaning problems including surface cleaning, graffiti removal and sidewalk cleaning/sealing.

Sidewalk Clean/Seal

Sidewalk Clean and Seal 1 Sidewalk Clean and Seal 2

Building Restoration 2