What are the Benefits of Using Local Vendors?

There are a number of benefits of using local vendors for industrial coatings and masonry restoration work. Consolidated Coatings works with a number of local vendors in the Baltimore area to bring you the best in industrial coatings, paints, masonry, and concrete. Learn more about our local vendors and the benefits of using local vendors in this week’s blog.


The Benefits of Using Local Vendors

Written Specification – You’ll always get everything in writing for your records.

On site color matching and test material for mock ups – There’s no risk of choosing the wrong color or material when working with a local vendor. Get exactly what you want every time.

Product Adhesion Testing – Adhesion testing is essential for ensuring the long-term success of a project. A local vendor will perform product adhesion testing to ensure that materials are compatible.

Warranty specifications and execution – Local vendors stand behind their work, which is why they offer warranties to protect your investment.

Trouble shooting to find equipment or tools available to solve unique circumstances – Every project is unique, and a local vendor can find solutions that work for your specific project.

Help with determining coverage rates.

Coordinating material orders.

Custodian Report – A document recording all colors and products used on the project that are given to property owners, the contractor and local Sherwin Williams store for future reference.

Setting up a job account to track job invoices.

Site inspections.


Who are some of the vendors we use?

Sherwin Williams

Pittsburg Paints



Belair Road Supply

Kenseal Construction

Dow Corning



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