We’re Now Using Loxon Concrete and Masonry Products

We’re always looking for the best products to use in our concrete and masonry restoration work in Baltimore. We’ve recently started using Loxon concrete and masonry products for concrete and masonry restoration in Baltimore, and we’d like to share some information about these products with you.

Loxon Concrete and Masonry Primer/Sealer

This acrylic concrete and masonry primer is used to seal and condition porous above-grade masonry surfaces. It can be used on everything from concrete and plaster to brick, stucco, fiber cement siding, and EIFS exterior insulated siding. Other advantages include:

  • It tolerates the high pH common in new masonry.
  • Ensures a uniform look.
  • Masks pinholes and surface imperfections.
  • Prevents peeling caused by alkali salt damage.
  • Fast curing saves time and money.
  • Long lasting finish.


Loxon Topcoat

This exterior acrylic coating is used for exterior above-grade masonry surfaces. It offers a high performance protection for concrete, cement composition panels, concrete block, brick, and stucco. The topcoat is weather-resistant, highly alkali and efflorescence resistant, and inhibits the growth of mildew on the coating surface.

Loxon XP

Loxon XP is a high build coating that requires no primer and one less coat than a conventional coating, making quick work of exterior coating. It can be applied directly to concrete and masonry less than 28 days old with no primer. It works well with high pH substrates of up to 13, and can be applied down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Loxon XP protects against rain, alkali, cracking, and efflorescence, all while remaining flexible, durable, and resistant to fading. The breathable quality of Loxon XP allows moisture to escape if necessary, whereas other elastomerics trap moisture in the substrate.

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For all of your concrete and masonry restoration needs in Baltimore, you can trust Consolidated Coatings.


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