Decorative Concrete Installation and Resurfacing in Baltimore

Decorative concrete is a popular surface for a variety of applications. From lobby floors to outdoor plazas, concrete works in just about any situation. A viable flooring solution for both indoor and outdoor use, decorative concrete is also popular for its affordability in both the short and long term. The durability and longevity of concrete means it requires little in the way of maintenance, which reduces costs for you.


While concrete has long been thought of as a relatively basic and utilitarian construction material, new technology has increased the potential for creative and interesting design with concrete. Concrete polishing, acid staining, and high performance coatings all give concrete a high-end sheen that works perfectly in high-end establishments. These techniques also give added strength to concrete for increased durability and a longer lifespan.


When it comes time to spruce up your old concrete flooring or surface, Consolidated Coatings can help in that regard as well. Our concrete resurfacing service will restore your old faded concrete to a new luster.


For all of your concrete needs in Baltimore, Consolidated Coatings offers modern, high-tech solutions at affordable prices. Concrete doesn’t have to be boring, which is why we offer a variety of decorative concrete options and control over colors and patterns to meet your requirements. Whether you need concrete resurfacing or installation of a completely new surface, Consolidated Coatings knows how to make concrete work for you.


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