What is EIFS?

eifsEIFS is an architectural system to insulate and provide protection from the weather designed for the exterior of commercial properties that are made of brick, stucco, or cement.  EIFS stands for exterior insulation and finish system.  It originated in Europe after World War II and was introduced in the United States in the 1960’s.  EIFS became popular in the 1970’s with the oil crisis and was first used only on commercial buildings.  Now it is used on commercial properties and is sometimes nicknamed “synthetic stucco.”

EIFS has been shown to conserve energy and improve indoor air quality.  Imagine wrapping your building in a nice warm blanket!  You wouldn’t feel any wind when you opened the breakroom cabinets or put your hands by the electrical outlets.  EIFS definitely has curb appeal and can be designed to look attractive, neat, and clean.  EIFS design is definitely the design of the future and has the look and energy conservation to impress you and your company’s wallet!

In technical terminology, EIFS is a cosmetic and energy conservation system for brick, stucco, or cement buildings.  It requires the application of insulation board, substrate, an integrally reinforced base coat, and a textured protective finished coat.  It is imperative that a professional completes the job because if not done correctly cracks can occur on the building.  These cracks can allow water or dampness to enter the dwelling which can lead to mold problems inside the facility and problems with the exterior also.  Any crack in the EIFS must be repaired.

EIFS has brought energy conservation and heating and cooling our commercial spaces to a new level.    Consolidated Coatings is experienced and specialized in EIFS and can provide you with state-of-the-art performance in making your space energy efficient and cosmetically beautiful.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Consolidated Coatings services nearby areas such as Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Carroll County, Harford County, Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Washington, DC., and Virginia. We are specialists in sealing, waterproofing and preserving building structures providing full service building restoration for our clients.

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