Finding an Industrial Coating Contractor in Baltimore

Industrial coatings are a necessary part of every structure. From the ceiling to the floor and everywhere in between, these coatings perform vital functions for buildings including safety, structural integrity, design, and aesthetic appearances. Whether you need industrial coatings for a new facility, or a renovation to your current facility, Consolidated Coatings has all of the industrial coating services you’ll need in Baltimore. What can industrial coatings do for you?

The Many Purposes of Industrial Coatings


Corrosion is one of the main enemies of the structural integrity of a building. A slow process, corrosion builds up over time, meaning by the time it’s noticed, it could have already done serious damage. Industrial coatings are designed to protect against corrosion on surfaces exposed to the air. This is especially important in industrial applications where corrosive substances may be present in the air of the facility. Though necessary for manufacturing, they can have a negative effect on the facilities building materials. An industrial coating contractor in Baltimore can protect your facility from corrosion and make maintenance easier.


Waterproofing is another important function of industrial coatings. Water damage can destroy building materials and make a significant investment in repairs necessary. Whether it’s collective damage over time from a small leak, or immediate damage from a flash flood, water is not something you want in your facility other than for practical applications. Industrial coatings are used in waterproofing your structure and protecting against water damage.


Fireproofing is an absolute essential during new building construction or renovation. Industrial coatings are the first line of defense against fires. Strong, fireproof coatings can withstand fire and prevent otherwise flammable materials from burning and spreading the fire to other parts of the building. Consolidated Coatings can protect your building against fire with fireproof industrial coatings in Baltimore.

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