Industrial Coating for Structure Protection in Baltimore

Even though you might not be aware of it, you interact with industrial coatings every day. From the floor you walk on in the office to the interior walls, industrial coatings keep buildings safe and structurally sound so they can function as places of work, education, entertainment, and play. In this week’s blog we’ll discuss some of the ways industrial coatings are serving your building right now.



The floor you walk on may be treated with a number of different coatings. From seamless floor systems to non-skid systems to acid resistant coatings, floor coatings are essential for many commercial and industrial applications.


Fireproof coatings are used to combat and prevent the spread of fire in a building. Once fire reaches a treated surface, the coating prevents it from spreading, thereby containing the fire in a localized area. This allows emergency personnel to better fight the fire and maintains the structural integrity of the building.


Water damage can cause major problems for structures. Not only does water damage threaten the structural integrity of a building, it also can provide an environment in which mold growth can flourish, leading to health concerns in the building. Waterproofing keeps water from getting to areas where it could cause structural damage.



These are just a few of the ways coatings keep your building safe. To find out more about industrial coatings in Baltimore, contact Consolidated Coatings today.


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