What are the Benefits of Building Exterior Restoration?

The discoloration of a building’s exterior over the course of its lifetime is inevitable, especially in urban areas. Fumes from vehicle and industrial exhaust as well as all of the dirt and grime found in cities will leave their deposits on exterior walls over time, discoloring them and making them appear drab and dark. The older the building, the more likely it is to show this age. Limestone, marble, granite, and other stones are all susceptible to this discoloration, as debris works its way over time into small pores in the stone and accumulates there. Down at street level, buildings and sidewalks may also be defaced with graffiti. The result is a visually unappealing building.

Beneath the surface however, lies the original color of the stone, in all its glory. With building exterior restoration, you can restore the exterior stone of your building to its original luster, doing justice to its original design. Several methods can be used to restore an exterior, including high-pressure hydroblasting with water, wet and dry abrasive blast, environmentally controlled vacublast, and horizonatl shotblasting. These cleaning methods clean away years of accumulated dirt, debris, and grime off a building’s face for a cosmetic facelift that gives a new aesthetic dynamic to the building. No longer obscured by urban grime, a building can once again present an attractive face to the world. Not only does building restoration provide visual appeal, it also can potentially boost the value of the building with this increased appeal.

Consolidated Coatings offers building restoration services for all types of buildings in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. From office buildings to churches to architectural structures, we use our advanced restoration techniques to clean buildings to a luster they may not have seen in some time. All of our cleaning and restoration procedures are custom designed to meet local environmental codes. Contact us today to restore your building’s exterior in Baltimore.

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