Why You Need Caulking and Joint Sealants in Baltimore

Regular maintenance on your building is an essential in Baltimore. Even if everything looks ok upon first glance, a closer look can turn up problems that need to be addressed. One of these is cracking joints. Visible in the picture below, a cracking joint may not seem like anything more than a cosmetic issue, but they can actually pose a serious problem if left unattended.

All structures have joints in them, which play a crucial role in their structural integrity. Joints are designed to act as room for the structure to breathe. As materials expand and contract during periods of hot and cold, they need a space to expand into. Joints are this space. However, joints can’t simply be empty space, as this would let moisture in, which can cause all kinds of structural problems. So, joints are filled with caulking and joint sealant. This flexible material fills up joints to keep moisture out, but also allows for the building to expand and contract.

Over time, sealants can degrade. This can allow water into cracks, which in the winter will freeze and expand, causing cracks to become even bigger. This can create structural problems that require serious attention. The best way to prevent things from getting to this point is to have your caulking and joint sealants regularly inspected and repaired if need be by a professional exterior caulking and sealant contractor in Baltimore. For joint sealing in commercial, industrial, and historic buildings, as well as parking garages, bridge and highway expansion joints, sidewalks, and more, contacted Consolidated Coatings in Baltimore.

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