The Benefits of Commercial and Industrial Waterproofing in Baltimore

Waterproofing is an absolute essential for your commercial or industrial facility in Baltimore. Water damage can cause untold amounts of damage to your facility, requiring extensive and expensive repair. Waterproofing helps combat water damage by preventing water from getting in to your facility. Water damage is an issue whether your facility sits above or below grade. So what are the benefits of commercial and industrial waterproofing in Baltimore? Read on to learn more.

The Benefits of Commercial and Industrial Waterproofing in Baltimore

Leak Inspection and Leak Detection

A leak is not a good sign, but the earlier it’s caught, the sooner damage control can begin and the less damage will be done. We offer leak inspection and leak detection to take care of leaks fast and stop them at the source. Stay high and dry and keep your facility water-free.

Waterproofing Systems

We offer commercial and industrial grade waterproofing systems for your Baltimore facility that can stand up to the toughest challenge. Above and below grade waterproofing ensures that your facility will stay dry no matter where it’s located, which is especially important for facilities in low-lying areas. But don’t think that above grade facilities don’t need waterproofing. Water damage can happen to any building. Our waterproofing services in Baltimore include:

  • breathable masonry sealers
  • waterproof decorative coatings
  • building facades
  • underground parking garages
  • elevator pits
  • positive and negative side waterproofing
  • waterplugging
  • clear penetrating sealants
  • complete membrane system installation


For all of your waterproofing needs in Baltimore, trust Consolidated Coatings. Contact us today to learn how we can help you waterproof your commercial or industrial facility in Baltimore.

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