Exterior Caulking Contractor in Baltimore: Keeping it Together

Does your building look like it’s coming apart at the seams? You may be in need of an exterior caulking contractor in Baltimore. Exterior caulking performs an essential function for your structure by filling in expansion joints and allowing the two components that come together to expand and contract freely. However, old sealant doesn’t meet the standards needed to perform this essential function. Learn about how exterior caulking can help you keep your building together and maintain a clean appearance.

Exterior Caulking Contractor in Baltimore

Building exteriors are made up of a lot of components. The place where walls and other large surfaces and building faces come together is called a joint. If two components were to come together at a joint and there was no space in between them, they would rub together, and over time expansion and contraction would force them into each other causing structural damage.

Expansion joints are used to solve this problem. Expansion joints are a small space in between two meeting components that allows them to expand into a space freely so no damage is caused. Of course, this space can’t be an open space, otherwise water would get in and cause water damage, and air leaks could cause ventilation issues.

Caulking is used to fill this space. Caulking is installed in joints to act as a sealant. The caulking starts out as a slightly viscous material which allows it to fill the joint evenly. It is allowed to cure, and harden, though it does not completely solidify. This allows the joint to move freely and allow for expansion and contraction.

Over time, caulking becomes worn out from expansion due to freeze thaw cycles. It can become less flexible and begin to break down. This presents a problem in that now water and air can get into the joint, which could cause cracking, water damage, and air leakage. An exterior caulking contractor in Baltimore solves this problem by installing new caulking for a fresh joint that can once again move freely. If you’re in need of exterior caulking for your building in Baltimore, please contact Consolidated Coatings today.

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