Get a New Look with Building Restoration in Baltimore

Stone is one of the most beautiful materials for building exteriors in Baltimore. From limestone to marble to granite, the visual appeal of stone is hard to match, and conveys a handsome look for your building’s exterior.

Unfortunately, stone also has a tendency to accumulate lots of foreign particles over the years. Dirt, debris, grime, and other particles that are common in an urban environment build up on stone facades over the years and diminish their natural beauty, turning the building’s exterior from clean and attractive to dark and dull. And not all of this buildup is incidental. Some of it, such as graffiti, is intentional, and can leave your building’s exterior marred.

Building exterior masonry restoration is a process used to clean the exterior of stone buildings. Using industrial strength techniques such as high-pressure hydroblast, wet and dry abrasive blast, environmentally controlled vacublast and horizontal shotblasting, a building exterior restoration contractor in Baltimore can restore your building’s facade to its former glory. Consolidated Coatings has worked to successfully restore all kinds of buildings and all kinds of masonry, from churches and historical sites to limestone, marble, granite and limestone. For all of your building and masonry restoration needs in Baltimore, you can trust the experience of Consolidated Coatings. Contact us today for more information on restoring your building in Baltimore.

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Consolidated Coatings is a full service building restoration contractor operating in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Since 1979, we’ve provided professional restoration of commercial, industrial, and historic buildings across a range of disciplines. These include masonry restoration, concrete restoration, decorative concrete, industrial and floor coatings, EIFS, and waterproofing. Follow us on our blog for weekly posts on industry-related topics. If you have any questions, please contact us at 410-574-6504.


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