Why You Should Contact a Masonry Repair Contractor in Baltimore Now

Why should you contact a masonry repair contractor in Baltimore now? As the summer comes to a close and cold weather looms, the enemy of all masonry and concrete starts to come out: ice. Learn how ice damages your concrete and masonry, and how contacting a concrete and masonry repair contractor in Baltimore now can save you lots of trouble this winter.

Why You Should Contact a Masonry Repair Contractor in Baltimore Now

In its liquid form, water is harmless toward concrete and masonry structures. But in its solid form, water can cause significant damage to concrete and masonry. In the winter, water gets down into small cracks and fissures in concrete and masonry. When it gets cold enough, this water freezes. When water freezes, it has to expand, and when water is stuck in small crack, it has little room to expand.

So what does the water do? It makes room to expand. It makes this room by pushing on the stone or concrete around it and making that small crack bigger and bigger. This continues throughtout the winter during what are known as freeze-thaw cycles. The continuous effect of this freezing, expansion, and contraction once the water melts is the growth of cracks in the concrete or stone. This looks bad, and can also lead to structural problems that can require big repairs.

How can you be proactive in protecting your concrete and masonry from ice? Contact a masonry repair contractor in Baltimore! The contractor can repair small cracks and fissures in your concrete and masonry structures now, which will prevent them from turning into big cracks in the winter due to freezing and thawing. Take care of this problem now before it turns into a big one this winter with the help of a masonry repair contractor in Baltimore. Contact Consolidated Coatings today for more information.

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