The Many Applications for Industrial Coatings in Baltimore

Industrial coatings are essential in countless industrial applications. The versatility of industrial coatings and their ability to protect surfaces makes them the ideal solution for many industrial restoration and protection projects. Here are a few examples of applications for industrial coatings:

Applications for Industrial Coatings in Baltimore

  • Floor coatings
  • Epoxy coating
  • Traffic deck
  • Warehouse coatings
  • Walkway coatings
  • Seamless floor systems
  • Non-skid systems
  • Urethane coatings
  • Acid resistant coatings

How Do Industrial Coatings Protect?

Using specially designed chemical compounds, industrial coatings protect surfaces from a number of offenders:


Fireproofing is one of the most important functions of industrial coatings. Using fireproofed coatings prevents fires from spreading or even starting in the first place.


Water damage can cause a lot of problems in any kind of facility. Industrial coatings protect surfaces by repelling water and presenting a uniform surface that water cannot penetrate.


Another offender, corrosion can damage metallic materials over time by oxidation, or rust. Protecting metallic surfaces with anti-corrosion coatings helps keep metallic structural components in good shape, both aesthetically and structurally.

Industrial Coatings Contractor in Baltimore

Applying industrial coatings is a job best left to a professional industrial coatings contractor in Baltimore. If coatings are applied incorrectly, it can lead to a number of problems and require an expensive fix. The best choice is to choose a professional. Whether your project is commercial, industrial, or historical, Consolidated Coatings has the experience necessary to take care of all your industrial coatings needs in Baltimore.

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