Is EIFS Installation and Repair in Baltimore a DIY Job?

Are you in need of EIFS installation in Baltimore or EIFS repair in Baltimore? If so, you may be wondering if this is a job you could take care of on your own.

What is EIFS?

EIFS standards for Exterior Insulation and Finish System. This is a method of cladding commercial facilities using a layered system that regulates indoor temperature and assists exterior draining. The outermost layer of EIFS is its stucco finish. EIFS is both pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint, and practical from a functional standpoint.

IS EIFS Installation in Baltimore a DIY Job?

EIFS installation in Baltimore is not a DIY job. The amount of resources and experience required to install EIFS makes it simply not feasible to take on this kind of task. An experienced, professional EIFS installation contractor in Baltimore can do a proper EIFS installation and ensure that your EIFS exterior wall will be functional for years to come.

IS EIFS Repair in Baltimore a DIY Job?

In theory, EIFS repair could be done yourself, but in practice, it’s a different story. There are a lot of things that can potentially go wrong in an EIFS repair. If it’s done incorrectly, moisture can get in, leading to rot, which means even more repairs. A professional EIFS repair contractor in Baltimore can help you repair damage to your EIFS siding to ensure it’s done correctly, and that the siding will continue to perform as intended.

Tips for Maintaining Your EIFS Siding in Baltimore

  • Inspect EIFS siding after a storm to see if any branches or debris have punctured the surface.
  • Never attach something to EIFS siding that would puncture the surface, for example, a mailbox.
  • EIFS siding should not touch the ground.


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