Why Does Paint Peel?

Paint that is peeling, blistering, bubbling, or chipping, is unsightly and can cause a lot of mess as it spreads and paint falls off the wall. There are many reasons paint can peel, some of which such as proper installation, can be controlled. Others, such as the weather, cannot. Though peeling paint does not have any implications as far as structural integrity is concerned, it still looks unprofessional, and can be difficult to fix on your own. If you need professional painting services in Baltimore to fix your peeling walls or to paint a new structure, Consolidated Coatings has the experience and skills to paint your structure right the first time so it won’t peel or chip in the future. With that being said, here are a few reasons why paint peels.


Why Does Paint Peel?

Water Damage

Water damage can spell disaster for a lot of structural components, including paint. Moisture impedes paint’s ability to bond to the surface on which it was painted, and will inevitably cause it to peel.

Too Many Coats

Walls that have been painted many times may have problems with paint peeling. As the layers of paint accumulate and become heavier, their ability to hold new layers is weakened. Paint may start to peel when there are simply too many coats on the wall.


Weather can be a factor in paint chipping, especially in areas that are not conditioned by HVAC. Fluctuations in temperature between hot and cold cause the paint to expand and contract much like pavement, which causes the paint to buckle and chip.

Improper Painting

If the paint was applied improperly in the first place, the evidence of this will manifest in the form of chips and peels. The surface may not have been properly cleaned before the paint was applied, or it may have been uneven, both of which cause paint to peel over time. Another possibility was that the wrong primer or paint was used, or that an incompatible coat was applied over an old one, for example, latex-based paint over oil-based paint.
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If your paint is chipping or peeling, contact Consolidated Coatings today for professional painting in Baltimore.

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