Tips for Cleaning Up After a Flood

If there’s one word for the clean up process of a flooded building, it is “extensive.” Floods can cause all kinds of water damage to buildings both in the short and long term, which is why it’s important to start dealing with the effects of a flood as soon as it is safe to do so. If your building has recently flooded, here are a few tips for cleaning up.

Tips for Cleaning Up After a Flood


Safety First

Before you even enter the building, make sure you take the proper steps to protect yourself. The power to the building should be shut off and an analysis of its structural integrity made before you enter. You’ll also want to wear gear to protect yourself, as the water may be contaminated with bacteria, pesticides, oil, and other substances picked up from the runoff. Waders, rubber gloves, eye protection, and an organic vapor respirator are all advised. Once inside, open windows to ventilate and use a portable fan if possible.


Look for Saturation

Find the water line by removing portions of wet walls and insulation. Now measure 15 to 20 inches above it. Everything below this line should be removed and disposed of. If the flooring is removable, remove it and look for saturation underneath.


Dry, Discard and Clean

The quicker you begin the drying process the better, as mold can begin to form quickly. Keep the building well ventilated, with air moving and temperatures moderate. Any porous items should be disposed of, as they’ve been contaminated. Clothing, however, can be saved with a soak in detergent and hot water. Clean wall cavities and exposed durable materials with detergent and pressure washing.


If you need help cleaning up after a flood, the best course of action is to enlist the services of a building restoration company that knows how to restore previously flooded buildings, ensure they are safe to occupy, and prevent them from suffering future water damage with building waterproofing services. For building restoration from water damage, and waterproofing and protection, contact Considated Coatings in Baltimore today.

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